Mediamatic has been at the forefront of innovation for more than three decades. Always inquisitive, and with a highly-skilled, diverse and curious team, they have made progress in the field of 'offline' media, technology, art -in the broadest sense of the word-, biology and even food production. Over the years, they have worked with many bright minds, some of whom have become successful artists, teachers, professors and specialized technicians in their field. Mediamatic is an open and close-knit network, where friends, colleagues and connections for life are made. Read some testimonials to get an idea of the impact Mediamatic has had in different lives, and the space they offer for experimentation, something that is becoming increasingly rare in the art and design space they occupy.


Almost all of Mediamatic crew more–or–less sorted by size and mostly by color - This Mediamatic Rainbow group picture was taken just for the fun of it, during our new year celebration dinner in the second week of 2013