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Lelani preparing the food - Testing and reviewing Code Noir Code Noir is our 13th Neo Futurist Dinner. This theatrical dinner experience is a collaboration between chef and culinary activist Lelani Lewis, spoken word artist Rachel Rumai Diaz, and artist Suzanne Bernhardt. With food, performance and interaction they tend to take the guests on a culinary journey to get a better understanding of the cultural and colonial legacy of global trade routes, and its effects on Caribbean cuisine and culture.   Anisa Xhomaqi

With: Lelani Lewis

Lelani Lewis, a chef, food stylist, and culinary activist, creates inspiring audience experiences with her innovative and vibrant approach to food. Growing up in South London with Grenadian and Irish heritage, Lelani experienced the diversity of food from a young age.  She showcases this deep connection to culinary history from around the world in her work.

She became obsessed with the idea of creating a mainstream platform for Caribbean food, modernising it and making it more accessible. With this in mind, she started Nyam, a catering company and roaming restaurant.  

Whilst on this journey she was struck with the realisation of just how unique, and diverse Caribbean cuisine was. It’s rich history provided inspiration for her to explore further into the cultural impact of food and how the world’s ingredients unravelled beautiful and tragic stories.

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