Agne Buciunaite, Nour Akoum

Aroma Lab Colleague

Agne, May 2020 - October 2021

Hi, new Aroma Lab Intern!

You will be working with collaborative artists Frank Bloem and Niklaus Mettler, whose information you can find on Stager. I made a list of what I was responsible for and helped with during my internship here. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Safe learning in the Aroma Lab -

General tasks

  1. Dilutions in the perfume library with limonene need to be thrown away and diluted fresh every year. (last time it changed 2020.07.09)
  2. All the perfumes in the library that has solid/hard particles needs to be shaken, warmed, boiled, removed (research or consult with Frank)
  3. Ordering new materials if needed: there is a list of raw materials we maintain, and we adjust the inventory according to the previous one.
  4. Before placing a new order, check which one needs to be replaced. 
  5. Make sure there are enough pipets, and ethanol, you can do the dilutions only with that
  6. If there is a DPG dilution required, make sure that it is in stock, otherwise it needs to be ordered
  7. For finalizing your orders you go to Jans and make sure you are always logged in as either administratie or Frank's email.

Places where you can order:

  • Only natural raw materials:
  • Most used for all the scent library in the AromaLab:
  • For the Ethanol 96% Bitrex:
  • For all other equipments, bottles, caps, atomizers...:

Do not create a new account for these websites, either use Frank's email or 

Open Aroma Lab

During restricted corona times in Open Aroma Lab, there are 2 people at one time.
For this you have to prepare:

  • 2 printed sheets of blending paper
  • 5 Glass or metal beaker per person
  • Pen
  • Some water for the room

If you want to, at some point, you can host the Open Aroma Lab after an introduction from Frank on what to say. But Frank or Niklaus are usually taking care of the people during the workshop.


Keep it tidy and organized, so check once in a while if there’s no trash, unnecessary boxes, other things. *needs to have a lock*


If you are interested or you are needed to participate in one or both of the workshops (Distilling a Scent Bouquet with Frank Bloem & Composing Fragrance with Frank Bloem) you need to prepare everything for Frank:
(info in details will be found here for CF and here for DASB)

Kids workshop

When the intern is present in Aroma Lab, he/she is able to do a workshop for kids. With the management team and Willem decide which day and time suit us the best and you will find all the concept of the workshop in this folder


Every (approximately) month we have an event called Odorama for that we hold a physical event and send Sample Kits to the people at home, so they can watch the online live event and participate in smelling as well. As an Aroma Lab intern, you are in charge of those packages.

With this machine (figure 1) you will be able to seal plastic bags (figure 2). Be careful to have a power of 4-5 to have proper sealling. You can use the sample's present in the drawer to check how much you need to reduce the size of the case, it needs to fit in an S4 enveloppe. Place the first blotter inside and then seal one after the other following its direction. The end result should look like this (figure 3) just with different materials inside.

To start this process you first need blotters (double-sided white papers with names of the materials and artists). A graphic designer can help you with making them, printing and cutting.
After receiving them, you have to dip, pour (liquid or solid material), do everything that that specific Odorama requires, so that each pouch would be filled with smelly/tasty things.
With a sample sheet (with blue marker) (figure 4) copy the size of pouches with a marker yourself, so you would know the lines of where to seal.

Trim the edges very neatly, so that the plastic bag would fit into an envelope (figure 5).

Put printed addresses onto an envelope, stamp it with a ’Mediamatic’ stamp and take yourself or ask someone else to take it to a post office.