March - Aug 2021

Nour Akoum

AromaLab Perfumery Assistant


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I’m Nour, a French & Lebanese in-progress independent Perfumer and a member of the French Society of Perfumers. After having my B.S in Chemistry, I studied European Fragrance & Cosmetics Masters at ISIPCA in Paris, where it also included an MBM degree from the University of Padova, Italy. My masters had three different diplomas, Scientific, Technical, and Business management all in the Fragrance industry. I'm also really passionate about fashion and style, and acquired a Fashion Design Professional course Certificate in Milan.

Perfumery for me is this mysterious field where I get the chance to be creative and create astonishing fragrances. My main focus is being an independent perfumer providing a customized experience to clients, translating their personalities and emotions into the perfect scent.

Looking into the world of scents in an innovative and creative perspective, hoping to excel and to explore all hidden mysteries in this field every step of the way!

Working in Mediamatic's Aroma Lab gave me a unique perspective to perfumery, one that goes along perfectly with my perfumer goals. Giving the clients a personalized and knowledgable experience without being secretive and marketing oriented.

I was giving weekly open Aroma Lab sessions, which gave me the chance to get to know people that are interested in fragrances and what is their persepctive on things and their actual likes and requests. Indeed, an original contact where every time it's different compositions with different objectives and projects!

Also, I gave on monthly basis a perfumery workshop (Perfumery Basics: Arabic Scent), where there was an introduction to the main concepts behind fragrances and how to compose a signature scent with an Arabic twist. The excitment I saw in people's eyes was amazing and how scents impact people's emotions and feelings was just fascinating.

For the diverse Scent library present at Mediamatic, I upgraded it with new interesting materials and with more detailed labels having several fragrance descriptors on the raw materials bottles. A way to better communicate with the Aroma Lab participants and help them get the feel and smell of the scents available.

Finally, I lead a kids workshop Open Aroma Lab with a fruity birthday cake theme. A nice way to think of something fun and interesting but easily understandable and relevant to kids. 

Of course along all of this, I was actively working with two passionate and dedicated perfumers, Frank Bloem and Niklaus Mettler. The whole Mediamatic team was like a family, spontaneous, friendly and supportive, an environment to grow and be successful. 

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