Pigeon Tower 03

Period: 11 September 2020 (Removed 5 October 2020)
Mycelium: Grey Oyster Mushroom. Rectangular blocks. 50x30x30cm
Weather: - (indoor)
Supplier: John Verbruggen BV.
Type: Rectangular, 100 x 175 x 150 cm


Cartier - Pigeon Tower 03 Ben Hopley

We built the third tower inside the Clean Lab *. Two previous attempts to build a sturdy,
living tower had failed. Time to take a step back. We did not know whether our principles
were correct. Whether the material was suitable for building. And whether these blocks of
waste mycelium would grow together. A simple quadrangular design allowed us to leave
the mycelium alone so much. Afterwards we wrapped the tower in transparent foil and in
the following weeks we were relieved to see that the mycelium blocks were growing
together. Even now outside, where the circumstances cannot be fully controlled.

*The Clean Lab at Mediamatic is a workspace to facilitate the growing requirements of
designers and artists who want to expand their work into biological fabrication.