Pigeon Tower Dominik Einfalt, Arne Hendriks


Feb '21 – Pigeon Tower 06

Yellow Tower was mainly about speed and efficiency. We picked up the mycelium blocks in the morning in Erp. Per exception, these blocks were only harvested once. 



Yellow - Pigeon Tower 07 Ben Hopley

That same afternoon we organized a Gentle Disco. For this, we spread the blocks on the floor, put on some nice music and gently dance on the blocks of mycelium so that they compress. This is faster and easier than with the press, although the end result is slightly less uniform.

Two of us built the tower in the afternoon and early evening. The simple square design allows for very fast construction. The disadvantage is that the interior space in this tower is very small. Between two and three weeks the bricks had grown together nicely and the tower was covered with delicious yellow oyster mushrooms. Passers-by and neighbors harvested the fungi (with permission).

Period: 4 December 2020
Mycelium: Yellow Oyster Mushroom
Weather: Cloudy, 6 degrees, light rain
Supplier: John Verbruggen B.V.
Type: Square, 185cm high