Sam Nemeth

Sam Nemeth

Artist and scientist


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Sam Nemeth (Rotterdam, 1962) is a filmmaker, journalist, designer, and scientist who conducts research in the field of tangible interfaces: a tangible alternative to the mouse, keyboard, and computer screen.

Sam created a tongue interface for the orgasmatron that he designed with artist Eva Schippers. He says that "it is remarkable that the tongue, one of our most sensitive and relatively strongest muscles, and also equipped with taste buds, often remains unaffected in our interaction with computers. Although: For the severely paralyzed, there are tongue interfaces that can perform a variety of tasks. My work will explore the cultural significance of this highly complicated muscle structure and its role in our sexual protocols"

In other words, the visitor is asked to lick an object that will respond to it using simple sensors. The object will be provided with a so-called dental dam and will be wiped clean after every lick. 

The tongue-orgasmatron will be visible at Museumnacht: Beftival. 

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