January '22 - June '22

Stefan van der Wal

Aquaponics Assistant


Stefan van der Wal - Stefan van der Wal

I'm a Dutch Earth Sciences student at the University of Amsterdam. I have a broad interest in sustainability and ecology and hope to pursue a career in these fields. Aquaponics is an ideal combination of these interests and with this internship I have continued to grow my knowledge about them.

The beginning of my internship was in the middle of winter and I got to see the greenhouse explode in activity as spring rolled in. Every day I took care of the fish, the plants and the greenhouse itself. I faced issues with water quality, pests, plant diseases and more, but all of this is part of running a greenhouse. Through our work we have managed to keep the greenhouse going and the restaurant uses many of our products every day.


One of the main projects I worked on for several weeks is improving the climate conditions inside the greenhouse. The top windows had to be opened by hand and this was not done during the weekends leading to very high temperatures. I automated the top windows using simple temperature driven pistons and these can open and close by themselves. This saves future interns a lot of work and makes the plants much happier.

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