Andrea Valdivia

Photography Assistant


Andrea Valdivia - Meet Andrea! Andrea is our photography assistant in Mediamatic. 

Hi! My name is Andrea, and I am a 21-year-old Peruvian who just joined Mediamatic as the photography intern!

I was born in Lima, Peru, but came three years ago to Amsterdam to start my studies in Communication Science at Universiteit van Amsterdam. I’m into pretty much anything that is creative or music-related, and in my free time, I like to take photos of people and landscapes (here's my old Instagram account if you want to see it (@avldve)).

I am excited to do my final semester in Mediamatic, where I will be helping to photograph the workshops and events hosted by the organization, maintain the online photo archive, and assist the communications and graphic design staff when needed.

When reading about Mediamatic’s work, I liked the organization’s vision of creativity, the sense of fast pace of the work environment, the merge in technology and art to inspire those with an artistic drive out there, and make it accessible for those who have not discovered it yet.

I then hope to help out sharing visually the work culture and innovative ideas they come up with in an aesthetic and engaging manner.


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