Presentation: Suzanne Bernhardt, Philipp Kolmann

Ears of Earth

Neo Futurist Dinner 15 – with Philipp Kolmann, Suzanne Bernhardt and friends

21 Sep 2022
29 Sep 2022

In Ears of Earth, artists Suzanne Bernhardt and Philipp Kolmann explored the flavors of the earth in 8 courses. Using ancient grasses and traditional fermentation techniques from different parts of the world, they went back to the basics of our food.

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Ears of Earth Water Kefir - As part of the Ears of Earth dinner, guests will be served a  Vino del Poggio Rosso Beetroot Cassis.  Photo credit: Paula Prats Paula Prats

Ode to the ground!

Everything we eat comes from the ground. Plants, as well as people and animals, depend on the bacteria, fungi, plants and animals that are in the soil. That diverse culture is what feeds and sustains both us as the rest of our ecosystem.

In recent years, the relationship between our food and the earth has changed: We grow genetically modified plants on fertilizer and keep fungi and bacteria at bay. How can we bring the earth back into our food? And how does that taste?


Grasses that naturally coexist with yeasts and fungi have been grown for centuries. These grasses were an important source of food for humans because, in addition to being nutritious, they can be stored well when dried (grains). Humans lived together with the earth for a long time, depending on local soil and grasses. That collaboration with the earth has become more difficult when we began to innovate our food production. We modify plants for our needs and then adapt the soil to enable the plants to grow; this means the collaboration between human, grasses and soil is no longer a priority. For Ears of Earth, Suzanne and Philipp went in search of precisely those ancient grasses and crops that cooperate with the soil and soil life.

Miller and Cheesemaker

Suzanne and Philipp have a history in traditional cooking techniques. With experience as a miller and artisan cheesemaker, artists Suzanne and Philipp research how traditional techniques can help us understand the rich world around us. 

The Menu

This dinner was vegan. Beans, grains and grasses played the leading role. Organic produce and traditional fermentation techniques created unique flavor combinations across eight courses. Everything was served on dinnerware specially designed and produced by artist Liza Witte. In addition to a selection of brews from local producers, Philipp and Suzanne prepared a number of unique fermented and distilled beverages (both alcoholic and low-alcohol) for dinner.


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Neo Futurist Dinner 15: Ears of Earth
from Wednesday 21 to Sunday 25 September and
from Tuesday 27 to Thursday 29 September
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Round 2 : at 20:00 


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Ears of Earth on rammed earth tables - The Ears of Earth dinner will be served on rammed earth tables created by Phillipp Kolmann.  Photo credit: Paula Prats  Paula Prats


Ears of Earth: The Artists - Artists Philipp Kolmann and Suzanne Bernhardt gather and carry grasses for the Ears of Earth dinner. Photo Credit: Paula Prats Paula Prats


Grass Drying for Ears of Earth - In Ears of Earth we take a closer look at the landscape to discover the connections in the earth, between bodies and fungi, plants and yeasts. Photo credit: Paula Prats Paula Prats


Shepherd's Bread Mould for Ears of Earth - Crops with a symbiotic relationship have been grown, eaten and processed together for centuries for the many benefits this offers. Not only the crops but also the yeasts and moulds that naturally occur on these plants play an important role in this close collaboration. Some bread moulds can protect against more harmful moulds. Photo credit: Paula Prats 


Koji culture for the Ears of Earth dinner - Koji is cooked rice or soya beans that are fermented and is often used to make miso or soy sauce.  Photo Credit: Paula Prats


Eating Grass at Ears of Earth dinner! - Humans have long been dependent on grasses as a key food source. The Ears of Earth dinner highlights this collaboration.  Photo Credit: Paula Prats Paula Prats


Ears of Earth Nattō - Natto from the Ears of Earth Dinner! Natto is a traditional Japanese dish made of fermented soybeans.  Photo Credit: Paula Prats Paula Prats


Suzanne Bernhardt and Phillip Kolmann carrying grasses for Ears of Earth - The artists carry grass they have collected at a local field for the Ears of Earth dinner. Photo Credit: Paula Prats  Paula Prats


Grass bouquet for Ears of Earth dinner - Photo credit: Paula Prats