We grew a new project nursery: Penny for your Thoughts

Project Nursery

There is something uniquely inspiring when looking into artistic processes that are still in progress: unpolished, experimental, and open-ended. Penny for your Thoughts is our project nursery, where we stimulate and present project proposals.

But our garden is not big enough for all these beautiful seedlings.. Are you or do you know a person or place that can help realise one of these projects? Get in touch with the artist!

Do you also want to present your project proposal to us and our network? Send in your own proposal!


Morphology of Sprout Leaves detail2 - Form der Keimblätter ca. 1850 German lithograph ca 1850 courtesy Wellcome Collection Publication: M. Formerg, Blattformen Tafel 1 : Lithographie, druck u. verlag von C. C. Meinhold & Sōhne, Dresden c. 1850 Lettering transcription: Form der keimblätter. keimende Ahornfrucht - Acer campestre, Ahorn - Acer campestre, Linde - Tilia parvifolia Reference: Wellcome Library no. 28434i

From Ideas to Experience 

In the coming months we will be showcasing some of the proposals. We'll keep you updated.