Pepper, Plate, Magic

Project Presentations with Pauline Rip, Maro Pebo, Roland van Dierendonck and Racha Tarazi

9 Jun 2022

Spicy chili peppers, ethereal dandelion wine and edible doubt. Food is much more than a means to sustenance: it can tingle our brains and senses while transporting us to other real or imaginary cultures. And, did you know that food can also be a physical manifestation of an emotion?

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Harvesting Dew - Elficology is the study of elves, it tells us about their appearance, their clothes, their habits and even what they eat. Thanks to the eminent elficologist, Pierre Dubois, who recorded everything in an encyclopaedia, I discovered that some elves in Alsace feed on morning dew. From this fact I built a cultural practice with its ancestral know-how, which is speculatively part of the intangible cultural heritage. Does something as to be true to be valuable and worth preserving? This project… Pauline Rip

Come join the first edition of our Penny for your Thoughts Presentations, where makers, designers and artists present new ideas and future project plans!

Roland van Dierendonck and Maro Pebo will share with us the science behind spicy peppers. Racha Tarazi will show us how we can literally digest negative emotions by turning feelings into food. Pauline Rip will discuss why it is interesting to research and experience mythical and folkloric recipes. 

Eating Magical Food? 

Pauline Rip is a designer of ignored, mocked, marginalized, irrational and even false knowledges. During the showcase she will talk about Cooking Ghosts: a project inspired by elficology (the ecology of the soul).


Portrait of Pauline Rip - Pauline Rip is a designer of ignored, marginalized, irrational and even false knowledge. By tracking down practices that explore alternative forms of truth, sometimes unfairly mocked and sometimes rightfully controversial, she designs a grey area that seeks to reveal certain belief and value systems that exist in authentic and constructed realities. Photo by CachetModels

With: Pauline Rip
She delves into the diet of elves and other folkloric creatures: morning dew, primrose and dandelion wine, snail and slug slime liqueur and more. Pauline explores how we can repair and reimagine our relationship to plants and nature through the imaginary creatures they inhabit. Come hear more about Pauline’s research and taste some elven delicacies.


Medieval women foraging flowers - This image is part of the book  Bodleian  MS .  Ashmole  1504 (' The Tudor Pattern Book ') by Bodleian  MS .  Ashmole, and was made in  1504. The book was also known as Ashmole's Bestiary. Pauline Rip

Pepper: Between Pleasure and Pain 

Many say that spicy food is addictive, but where is this hedonistic kick coming from? In their proposal titled Chili Pepper Pleasure academic Maro Pebo and artist, biologist and PhD researcher Roland van Dierendonck mention capsaicin, the stimulant and aphrodisiac substance in chili peppers which is responsible for this rush and pleasure one gets from ingesting them.


profile picture of Maro Pebo - Maro Pebo

With: Maro Pebo
Capsaicin is connected to the release of serotonin, the love and happiness hormone in our brain as well. No wonder the world is hooked on these spicy little things. So let's search for that sweet spot between pain and pleasure in a chili pepper tasting ritual.


Habanero Pepper - Nice hot pepper still growing on the plant! Photo taken by Maro Pebo Roland van Dierendonck, Maro Pebo

Eating Feelings

Some emotions can be hard to digest. Inspired by her own personal journey of relocating to the Netherlands and all the difficulties that came with it, Racha Tarazi explores food as a means to translate, materialize, share and collectively digest emotions by creating in her project titled My Dinner.


Portrait of Racha Tarazi - Racha Tarazi

With: Racha Tarazi
Can we turn loneliness, detachment, doubt, balance, and fulfillment into food and taste? During the evening, she will further share her idea of making this into an installation as well as talk about how we can explore and deal with negative emotions by turning them into food.


First Picture My Dinner - Visual for a dinner. My Dinner attempts to explore the process and emotions that surround relocation, immigration, finding home, integration and, finally, belonging. I created this surreal and interactive experience to delve into these emotions through the medium of food. Photo by Racha Tarazi Racha Tarazi


Pepper, Plate, Magic
Thursday the 9th of June 2022
20.00 – 21.30

€12,50 | Student / Artist / Stadspas €8,75*
Including a drink

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€25 | Student / Artist / Stadspas €17,50*

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Penny For Your Thoughts

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Morphology of Sprout Leaves detail3 - Form der Keimblätter ca. 1850 German lithograph ca 1850 courtesy Wellcome Collection Publication: M. Formerg, Blattformen Tafel 1 : Lithographie, druck u. verlag von C. C. Meinhold & Sōhne, Dresden c. 1850 Lettering transcription: Kirsche - Prunus Cerasus, Storchschnabel - Geranium pratense, Petersilie - Petroselinum sativum, Kiefer - Pinus sylvestris Reference: Wellcome Library no. 28434i