Fredrik Link

Being an Inhuman Carnaval assistant

My experience as a intern for the Inhuman Carnaval program and how we brought the costume lab to Mediamatic.

Throughout my time at Mediamatic I have researched how we can put ourselves in other species shoes by creating costumes. My role was to bring the Costume Lab to Mediamatic permanently as a space for experimentation and workshops based around textiles. The Open Costume Lab was created as part of Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. Mediamatic put on a week full of lectures, events, exhibitions and workshops based around the idea of celebrating biodiversity through costume and briefly putting yourself in another beings shoes through dressing up. This concept was inspired by carnaval's historical roots in the festive greeting of the new year and the rebirth of nature. Therefore the perfect breeding ground for discussing and getting creative about the climate emergency.


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Mediamatic have various labs around the biotoop such as the Clean Lab, Food Lab and the Aroma Lab and my role was to bring The Costume Lab to Mediamatic permanently as a space to host weekly Open Costume Lab workshops like the Open Aroma Lab. This space will also act as a space for other workshops based around textiles. Myself and Anouk Bekkers had various discussions about the space and how it could transform into a themed space for the Inhuman Carnaval. Once we emptied the space we started to sand and paint the space white and green. I also collected some local grass to be photographed for the wallpaper. and we ordered a mirror closet so participants can look at their costumes. I also did various test costume lab workshops with staff and the general public and transformed participants into a fly and also a phytoplankton. We also developed a quiz for participants to fill in at the beginning of their transformation which made them think about themselves and their habits and how these connect to other beings. I have made various blog posts all connecting to putting yourself in other beings shoes. Me and Anouk developed a library of instructables of various different costumes that could be made in the costume lab. I also researched ideas which could be developed for Museumnacht such as natural dye scented baths that performers could dance in, Consultations with lost participants to help you find the right match and also a gentle disco catwalk for people to show off their costumes. The Inhuman Carnaval is such a fun and interesting project to research and to take part in and i'm excited to see where it develops and evolves. 


Georgia & Fred in the costume lab - Andrea Valdivia


Fredrik creating his magnesium mask - Fun at Open Costume Lab trial! Fred is creating a magnesium mask during our trial Costume Lab. He and Anouk, our workshop host, have been preparing this upcoming workshop for Mediamatic. In the Open Costume Lab, you get to make a costume, offering a place for experimentation and design research on how to mimic various species in fabric and other materials. Andrea Valdivia

With: Fredrik Link