Mediamatic 2022

Here you will find an overview of our highlights, go here to see the full overview of our 2022 program or here for who we worked with this year.


Naast de bestaande tentoonstellingen: Pure Gold, Hard Water, Al Rihla, Twijfel zaaien, Hortus Dijkspark, de zesvleugelige kip, soffito, radiolaria, het parfum, hacking Haeckel, hebben we meerdere nieuwe tentoonstellingen geinstaleerd. 

Border Ecologies


Anna Lina observing details in table clothe - Border Ecologies Our programme and events intern Ana is getting a closer look at our exhibition Border Ecologies! This installation collects testimonies of the Qudaih family, who have had to adapt and transform their farming practices due to the restrictions and violences they faced from the Israeli military. It presents photos and videos from the agricultural community of Khuza’a, as well as a tablecloth that narrates chronologically the stories of its farms and its people. Photo taken in March 2nd, 2022.  Andrea Valdivia

Prosthetic X - Isaac Monte


Anemone Movement - PX III – Stimulating daily activity This prosthetic consists of five elements placed on the eyebrow, and is intended to signify and encourage active living. Under the recommendation that we move and take ∼8000 steps a day, this prosthetic responds to steps and movement and 'opens up', incentivising the wearer to keep reaching new goals.  Each time the wearer has reached a new goal, a new element lights up. At the end of the week, the wearer could have five shining elements, showing the wearer's vitality.    materials: UV… Monica Monté, Isaac Monté

If Life gives you Lemons


Massaging with lemons - If life gives you lemons, I hope they're juicy Our guests are massaging their faces with lemons together with lecturer Natasha using some materials to teach them how to concentrate and breathe with intention during our workshop 'If life gives you lemons, I hope they're juicy'.  In this workshop, participants worked with different citrus to clear bitter energy currents and heal sour memories through movement. Here, they learned how to taste the moment, exercise your talent, squeeze their determination, and squint their inspiration. Photo… Andrea Valdivia

Tumulus 3


Ruchama closing the oil drum filled with weeds and herbs from the Tumulus garden and ceramic pieces - photo: Victoria Ushkanova


Blue Monday performance - Artemisia Moxa from the wormwood growing on the Tumulus Pictures by Victoria Ushkanova



3 package deal resident: Philipp Kolmann



Philipp Kolmann - Philipp Kolmann smelling river butter  Philipp Kolmann

Mari Bastashevski: Pending Xenophora


Snail artist. Still from Mari Bastashevski's visualisation for Pending Xenophora, 2022. -


Gentle Disco


Open air gentle disco 17.09 - This photo is part of Gentle Disco . Eszter Jámbor

The pigeons

On the 7th of June 2022, exactly two years after we first started  learning how to build pigeon towers   with waste mycelium, we introduced the first four squab (young pigeons) into their new living spaces.  By: Arne Hendriks

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Neo Futurist Dinner:

Sin Eaters


The Sin Eaters - Promotie beeld voor het 14e Neo Futurist Dinner: The Sin Eaters, met Alice Héron en Martin Butler.  Foto credits:  Nolwenn Leflanchec


Gluttony, The Sin Eaters -

Ears of Earth


Knitting for Survival


Participants during Knitting for Survival - In our Knitting for Survival sessions, we learn how to make our own warm items as an alternative way to stay warm without giving any gas money to Putin. We stand in solidarity with Ukraine and have decided to turn our gas heaters down, so we are learning how to knit guided by volunteer textile artists and designers in this series of free workshops.  Ilya Rabinovich

Inhuman Carnaval

Costume LAB


Georgia & Fred in the costume lab - Andrea Valdivia




We hosted different workshops. 

Here you can find some workshops that we developed this year:

Smelling like another being


Materials for smelling like another being - Smelling like another being Here, our guests are smelling and combining some scents using lab materials during the workshop 'Smelling like another being' in the aroma lab. In this occasion, the Aroma Lab workshop was staged for the purposes of the photo session.  'Smelling like another being' is a workshop hosted by our lecturer Frank Bloem, which promotes awareness about the diversity of species in our ecosystem by smelling. This workshop consists of creating scents in a lab using different substances based on different… Andrea Valdivia

Penny for your Thoughts



Pepper, Plate, Magic - Penny for your Thoughts Presentation Night During the first Penny for your Thoughts presentation night, artists, designers and makers share with us their in-development project plans and ideas. This edition explores different perspectives on food.  Photo taken by Daniell Tahor Daniell Tahor



Radical imagining of just and green futures

Collaboration with the UVA