Finissage Pending Xenophora

with soundperformance by Jordan Sand

4 Sep 2022

Join us September 4 at 5:30pm for drinks, and say goodbye to artist in resident Mari Bastashevski and the VR installation Pending Xenophora she made with her snail partners.


Mari Bastashevski. Visualization of the project Pending Xenophora, 2022. - Mari Bastashevski

During the day is the last chance to book a time slot for the VR installation. By booking a round, you can hear how to design with animals, see the snail orchestra live and explore an ever-changing world of Pending XenophoraRead more about the work here.

After closing the exhibition, Jordan Sand, designer of the sound world for Pending Xenophora, will do a live electro-acoustic performance.

Jordan Sand

Jordan Sand is a composer, bassist and vocalist, weaving vocals into the organ-like resonances of the bowed double bass. She currently lives in Trondheim, Norway, working as a resident artist and PhD candidate at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), producing new music for the un-mined polyphonic voices of her instrument.


12:00-16:00 VR timeslots Pending Xenophora
17:30 - Welcome and thanks 
18:00 - Presentation Mari Bastashevski
18:30 - Performance Jordan Sand

Free entry, free drinks!