A/artist presentation and discussion

Sensing Self through Movement

With Weimin Zhu, Ludmila Rodrigues and Jenny Konrad

5 Sep 2022

Three artists share their perspective on work that involves motion and the mind.

With the A/artist program, we're exploring neurodiverse experience in the practice of the arts. We discover the power of stimming (stimulating repetitive motion) and share how it’s useful for everyone, whether we’re "on the spectrum" or simply interested in discovering new senses of self. Weimin Zhu helps us balance the mind through motion, Ludmila Rodrigues lets us experience touch in new ways and Jenny Konrad shows us better ways of inhabiting workplaces.

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Weimin Zhu: playful jewelry for the inner mind - Weimin Zhu

Jewellery for an inner world

Weimin Zhu is an artist & jewellery designer based in the Netherlands. Her collection 'Playful jewellery for the inner world' is currently on display at Mediamatic. 


Weimin Zhu - Image courtesy of Pan Jingyi Photograph used with the expressed permission of the artist. Do not reproduce or share without permission.

The collection of silver jewellery pieces is designed to invite meditative movement from the wearer, to get in touch with their inner world, be mindful of their body, and help to process stimuli. She continues to explore how jewellery can help to achieve a balance between the body and the mind. Wei Min graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2022, and is now pursuing a Masters degree at the Design Academy Eindhoven. 


Weimin Zhu - Playful Jewellery for the Inner World (hand) - Image courtesy of Weimin Zhu. Photograph used with the expressed permission of the artist. Do not reproduce or share without permission. Weimin Zhu

Haptic Gaming

Ludmila Rodrigues is an artist, designer and lecturer based in the Hague. Working at the intersection of sensory and social experience, Ludmila finds strategies to provoke playful situations in collaboration with the audience.


Ludmila Rodrigues - Artist, designer, educator and incidental performer Photo by Jassir Jones .

She investigates how the lower senses can be vehicle for learning and expression, exploring where the physical and inner worlds meet. During her talk, she will share her experiences from her work centring the intimate senses. Ludmila holds a degree in Architecture and Urban Planning by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and in ArtScience by the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, where she now works as a lecturer.  


Comprehend, a tactile space - presented at HUBS Festival 2019

Second Skin

Jenny Konrad is a recent graduate of the Rietveld Academy. In their graduation work they explore what it means to fit into a capitalist straitjacket. They will talk about the different dimensions of this project - from the tangible materials used to the emotional burden of the expectation of office life. 


Jenny Konrad - Image courtesy of Jenny Konrad Jenny Konrad

With: Jenny Konrad

Konrad's artistic process weaves together "material mindmapping", pattern tracing, personal reflections and theoretical to investigative research, focused on expanding the potential of tactile and digital media for alternative ways of storytelling.


Skin Suit - Image courtesy of Jenny Konrad Jenny Konrad


Monday the 5th of September 2022
19.30 – 21.00

Doors open at 19.15

€7,50 | discount student/artist/stadspas €5,50
The ticket includes 1 drink during the event.


Mediamatic | Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
1019 BS, Amsterdam