Opening: Playful Jewelry for the Inner World

Celebrate the opening of Wei Min Zhu's exhibition, and join the Gentle Disco after!

26 Aug 2022

Celebrate the opening of Playful Jewelry for The Inner World on Friday, Aug. 26. At 4:30 p.m., artist Wei Min Zhu will share something about her work and process and after we invite you to toast with us.
Afterwards, you can join us for a dance to mycelium at the Gentle Disco by Arne Hendriks.

Celebrate, toast and dance with us!


Weimin Zhu - Playful Jewellery for the Inner World (hand) - Image courtesy of Weimin Zhu. Photograph used with the expressed permission of the artist. Do not reproduce or share without permission. Weimin Zhu


Playful Jewelry for the Inner World

'Playful Jewelry for the Inner World' is a collection of silver jewelry that invites the wearer to move meditatively. The rhythmic movements bring you closer to your inner world, make you more aware of your body and allow you to process stimuli better.


In psychology, these repetitive movements are called stimming. Stimming is mainly used in the context of stimuli processing disorders such as autism, but overstimulation is a problem for everyone. This is partly due to a substantial increase in the number of stimuli humans have to process. Our attention is constantly drawn and by now it is so valuable that it is even traded. So let's start stimming!


Weimin Zhu - Image courtesy of Pan Jingyi Photograph used with the expressed permission of the artist. Do not reproduce or share without permission.

Wei Min Zhu

Wei Min Zhu is a jewelry and object designer from China. Her designs mainly focus on creating an intimate relationship between the objects in our daily lives and ourselves, especially our inner mental feeling. This summer Weimin graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld academy with Playful Jewelry for the inner world.

"The beauty of jewelry is that you wear it on your body - therefore you automatically have an intimate relationship. In my work, I use that relationship to bring people a little more happiness and joy."



Opening Playful Jewelry of the Inner world
26 Augustus 2022
Free entrance
After the opening you can join our Gentle Disco!