Theme tour: Mushrooms and Fungi

Fungi Trail at the Hortus

25 Sep 2022

An almost invisible world in the Hortus: that of the bacteria and fungi. So very occasionally, parts of that mysterious shadow world come to the surface in some places... And that is what we are going to look at! What exactly is a fungus? And what is a mushroom? What do fungi live on and how do they reproduce? Without fungi in nature, most plants and trees would wither away or even die. So they are very important, especially in our beautiful botanical garden!

Join this special theme tour on Saturday 24 or Sunday 25 September.

These theme tours are organized and hosted by the Hortus as part of Fungi Trail, a collaborative program between the Hortus, Mediamatic and Micropia. 


25-11-2019 Yeast in a cell-culture dish - In Yeast Hunting, you will learn how to catch wild yeast from nature, how to manage a pure yeast culture and how to grow your favorite yeast strain. One of the most important tastemakers in beer happens to be a living organism: yeast.  Filippo Iannone

Fungi Trail: traces of fungi in nature and culture

At the start of the new autumn season, we dive into the world of mycelia, fungi and fungi. The Fungi Trail is a program collaboration between the Hortus, Mediamatic and Micropia. From mid-September until October, podcasts, guided tours, workshops, dinners, children's activities and art projects will be organized, all focusing on fantastic fungi! For example, we're going fungal in the Hortus with a special series of Hortus Talks series full of fascinating guests. And there are special themed tours - also for children.

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