Vieze en lekkere geuren maken

with Martine Albitrouw-Segijn and Rachel Barfield

28 Jan 2023

Join us in the Aroma Lab and discover what your nose knows. Can you recognise the smell of cinnamon, or lavender, or mint? Come to explore and combine different ingredients into your very own message in a bottle! What message do you want to send with your smell?

Vieze en lekkere geuren maken is for adults and children aged 6-8. The Open Aroma Lab is there to share knowledge about perfumery, plants and aromas with everyone.

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25-08-2018 child smells at a parfum bottle - Mediamatic , in collaboration with   The Institute for Art and Olfaction ,   Play the City   and   five perfumers, develop a sensuous game around city planning. Five tailor-made fragrances give expression to various prospective visions of the city.  Het Parfum is a game that stimulates people to think together about the use of the Navy Terrain. People are brought in contact by the use of scent and encouraged to discuss future possibilities. Anisa Xhomaqi, Niklaus Mettler

Blending and playing

Vieze en lekkere geuren maken is a fun introduction to the world of scents for kids. In 1h30, you will get a small introduction to perfumes, aromas and essential oils under the guidance of our staff, and you will get to make your own perfume. This event is very interactive and easy. Book a time slot and come together to share a fun family experience. 


Adult + child €25 / extra child €12,50


28th of January, 11:00-12:30
We are taking corona safety into account at our workshops.
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