Suzanne Vivies Dupeyrat

Gunya Ouessant

Exhibited Garment


Gunya Ouessant - Credits : Stichting Art-East + Art-West  Stichting Narada Dutch Design Foundation   All final photos: Alex Blanco Process: Marjo van Schaik, Dasha Tsapenko


This felted wool comes from sheep kept as a hobby by private owners living in a private place nearby the Amsterdam water  pipe dunes. They are also called ‘ornamental’ sheep, because of their specific appearance. The males have appealing curly horns, and they have deep dark rich skins. The cost for the wool to make this Gunya is approximately 90 euro. As comparison: if it would have been a black ‘Boeren Tesselaar’, the farmer would have to pay 10 cents per kilo to get it picked up by the garbage man.


Design: Marjo van Schaik 

Materials: Wool from ‘Ouessant sheep’, genealogical registered

Technique: Felting