Making with the Maker

Workshop with Virgile Durando

14 Apr 2023
30 Apr 2023

Come by the Japanese Knotweed Workshop to learn hands-on the techniques and tools to work with Japanese Knotweed as a material for weaving, building and more.



Virgile Durando working with Japanese knotweed - Credits: Sandra Ruiz Castroviejo

Japanese knotweed stems are sturdy yet flexible, and hold potential for a variety of usages. Join Virgile in his glass house workshop by the water, to learn the tricks and techniques he has developed through his extensive hands-on research with Japanese Knotweed and become a Japanese knotweed crafts-person yourself.

Virgile Durando

Virgile Durando is a product/material designer and researcher from France. He is our current artist in residency, presently working on collecting and developing knowledge regarding the re-interpretation of invasive species. At Mediamatic he focuses on the Japanese knotweed. In his practice he aims to understand this plant, subsequently assembling a list of tools and techniques to turn this contested species into a malleable, fascinating and multi-purposeful material. 


Tickets | €8*
*including a Doe-boek (How-to Book) of Japanese Knotweed created by the artist


Time and Dates:

14th April 14:00-15:30
15th April 14:00-15:30
22nd April 14:00-15:30
23rd April 14:00-15:30
29th April 14:00-15:30
30th April 14:00-15:30