a/Artist talk over neurodivergence in the arts

Tag-alongs and drifters

The working human’s mind with Sytske van Koeveringe

18 Mar 2024

We enter into conversation with author and visual artist Sytske van Koeveringe. In her new book Meeloper ('Tag-along'), she explores the meaning of work. Why is work inseparable from our lives and identity? How has it come this far? Come listen to Sytske and discover how her protagonist, the artist Sien, explores whether she can unravel the working system in her own unique way. 


Meeloper -

Are you more of a tag-along, a contrarian, or a drifter? In Meeloper, Sytske idiosyncratically and humorously illuminates the ways work is intertwined with all aspects of our lives, and what value it holds in our society. Why is work inseparable from how we think about ourselves? How did we reach a point where work is taken for granted, and how does work relate to art and love?

We step into the shoes of alter-ego Sien. In her own entirely unique way, Sien investigates whether she can unravel the working system. Not even she could foresee that she was actually working on something much bigger… Part and continuation of the novel is the website officialnaturalness.com. All the services of The Official Naturalness are aimed at making your life more perfect and successful. Do you think it would work for you, too?

Sytske Frederika van Koeveringe (*1988) is a visual artist and writer. Her debut novel Het is mandag vandaag ('It’s monday today') was published in 2017, followed by Dag nacht licht toch ('Day night light, right?') in 2020, which was nominated for the Jan Hanlo Essay Prize 2021. Her plays, essays, columns, poetry and prose have been published in De Revisor, Tirade, De Groene Amsterdammer, Mister Motley and NRC. She graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2014 in the department Image and Language. 

Meeloper features a  fictional company. Click this link to find out more. For more context about The Official Naturalness (the fictional company), read the novel from beginning to end and then visit the website again. 


a/Artist Meeting: Tag-alongs and drifters
Monday 18th of March 17:30 - 20:30 

Sluisdeurenloods Mediamatic 
Dijksgracht 6 
1019 BS Amsterdam


This evening is also the last chance to see the work of Yvonne Dröge Wendel and Genevieve Murphy in our Sluisdeurenloods.