Herb Couture: Cyanotype

with Clemens Tomlow and Fedora Boonaert

11 May 2024

Did you know that the 'invasive' Japanese knotweed plant has potential benefits for female reproductive health? In this workshop, you'll learn how to forage Japanese knotweed and discover its benefits. Afterwards, you'll create cyanotype designs and bring home an amazing costume tote bag. Join us during the Japanese Knotweed Season and discover the magic of the knotweed plant!



Clemens and his Cyanotype Textile Art - Jada Maij

What you will do

In this workshop divided into two parts, you will learn about the benefits of this 'invasive' species. First, you will learn how to forage Japanese knotweed with Fedora, discussing its positive impact in female reproductive health. Then, you'll come back to Mediamatic and join Clemens for a session on using the foraged knotweed to create cyanotype designs on textile. While the initial concept focuses on letting the plants themselves be the statement, we're open to exploring other design ideas with you! We're happy to brainstorm with you and find the perfect way to express your message.

Japanese Knotweed Season 2024

Every spring, Mediamatic organises a season around Japanese knotweed. Knotweed is a fast-growing plant known in Europe for being considered invasive. What many do not know, however, is that this plant species has a host of positive properties. During this season we will explore how to live in harmony with this controversial plant.



Gathering Japanese knotweed in Westerpark - Tying together some branches of knotweed Vu Ha

About the artists

Clemens Tomlow

Clemens Tomlow is an alumni from Design Academy Eindhoven. He graduated with his work “Monster under the bed”, a project about otherness and finding your voice in the world of normality. To Clemens fashion is a form of expression and a big medium with a lot of freedom to play and experiment. One of the main interest within that field is how to tell his own and other peoples stories through his extravagant costumes. Finding inspiration within the world of everyday life and childhood and the relation between the two.

Fedora Boonaert

Fedora Boonaert is an art historian and designer concentrating on lost botanical knowledge and reproductive health in the sixteenth-century Low Countries. She has a strong commitment to interdisciplinary exploration, working on the intersection between art history and design fostering fresh perspectives on historical narratives. She holds a Master's degree in Art History from Ghent University and has recently graduated with her second Master's degree in Contextual Design from Design Academy Eindhoven.


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Time: 13:00-16:00

Attendance is limited to 14 people. We maintain a minimum of 8 participants.

Please note that this workshop will be held in English.

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