David Polinchock

I've been a Disney character and started working with VR in '91. I'm now the Chief Experience Officer (CXO) for the Brand Experience Lab in NY. Our passion is helping companies create compelling, authentic and relevant brand experiences.

David is the Chief Experience Officer (CXO) at Brand Experience Lab, an innovation think tank, creating the next generation of brand experiences. His goal is to challenge marketers to create better stories and to understand how consumers want to hear those stories. It's a little theatre 101 - find the right script; know who the audience is and direct a great production.

He is also a leading voice in the conversation on the socialization of retail, exploring how the emergence of online social technologies are impacting the physical retail space. His blog, Experience Manifesto, was called “one of the best blogs so far on experiences and marketing” by leading event design company, Jack Morton.

In 1990, he was introduced to virtual reality and quickly became a well-respected expert in the field of marketing with new technologies. The goal is to explore how these new technologies will enable companies to create more compelling, authentic and relevant brand experiences.

David has combined theatrical training with a vast knowledge of technology to create new territories for marketers. He believes that it is not enough today to simply play with the latest technologies; we must understand their role in moving your brand story forward. Where Marshall McLuhan once said, "The medium is the message," today's world has now moved beyond that simple statement.

Audiences today expect more then just to be wowed by how we send them the message. They want to be wowed by the message and they want to be wowed by the product as well!