Aquaponics Group meet Sensemaker

Aquaponic Group Meeting #10

29 May 2012

During last Saturday's workshop, with the help of enthusiastic volunteers, we built a 4-storey aquaponics system. Now it's time to think how to improve it and arrange its tuning.


First 4-storey aquaponics system - Mediamatic's first 4-storey aquaponics system. Built in a workshop in 2012.

The Aquaponics Group will meet at the Van Gendthallen to talk about the new tower system and make some chemical test on its water.

Also, the Sensemaker (Sensemakers is an open community of technologists in Amsterdam and NYC working on urban social problems) group will join our meeting to tell us about their project and involve us in their discussion.

RSVP on this page for a tasty and healthy dinner.