New Forms of distribution

NOW Media hour at the FORUM @ IDFA

28 Nov 2007

Jamie King, Klaas Kuitenbrouwer, Neil Sieling, Ingrid van Tol and Jamie King talked about the latest developments in distribution, the Anymedia Documentary Workshop and the workshops that followed these events.

On the last day of the FORUM, Jamie King (UK) talked about the latest developments in distribution. King is a writer and publishes articles on new media in various on-line and off line magazines, but is also one of the makers of Steal This Film I and II, films about file-sharing and the Old Guard’s fear of new distribution forms.

Mediamatic’s Klaas Kuitenbrouwer reported on the AnyMedia Documentary Workshop that was organized during IDFA and discussed one of projects that followed up the AMDW. Three experts commented on the project: Neil Sieling on its financing possibilities, Ingrid van Tol on its creative concept and Jamie King on how the project could be distributed.


IDFA 28 November 2007 at Mediamatic -