Interview with Ziv Ben Gal

Framing the frame

Ziv Ben Gal grew up in Tel Aviv and moved to Eindhoven in 2007 to study design.


Framing the frame - Founded in Ziv Ben Gal


His work (design, fashion, and interior design) relates to his culture and background as a third generation descendent of holocaust survivors, and shows a theatrical and aesthetic way of looking at the world. Ziv likes to collect objects and supply them with a new meaning. He is fascinated by the ugliness of the things.

A Yiddish Momme

A Yiddish Momme is a line of eyewear, each pair of glasses sporting a different frame. The frames, splintered, heavy, small, transparent, etc., each relate to one of the many views people have (had) on his culture. He for instance describes the first pair he made in concrete as ‘a building that it is still standing, but where you can see the damage and the rust.’ Ziv combines new and old materials, making links between past and present views, the many layers reflecting the make-up of (the perception of) a culture. Ziv’s work is both political and personal. By photographing young people wearing the glasses, he pulls the project into the now, asking each of the wearers of the glasses to relate to his culture’s history as individuals.

The title of the work was taken from the 1925 Sophie Tucker song.

He will be part of the Ignite Amsterdam 17