The Secret Art of Growing Mushrooms

Learn how you can grow Grey Oyster mushrooms using standard kitchen equipment

3 Oct 2012

In this workshop you will learn how you can make your own straw-based substrate. We're going to infect this straw with oyster mushroom spawn in our cleanroom. After this workshop you have enough knowledge to repeat this procedure at home. Of course you will take your freshly made oyster mushroom substrate bag home after the workshop.


Grey Oyster Mushrooms (home-grown at Mediamatic) - 3 weeks after; almost ready to let the oysters out to grow!


30 years ago the white button mushroom was the only mushroom you could find in the supermarket. A lot of things have changed in the meantime, but most people still only eat the white button mushrooms. Getting people to grow and consume all the varieties of mushrooms has been a slow process. This workshop is innovative and exciting because growing your own mushrooms is a new form of agricultural technology.


We start with sterilising the straw. By cooking the straw in a pressure cooker you instantly get rid off the existing mold and fungus spores that are often naturally present in the straw. We cook the straw for half an hour and then we let it cool down till it's approximately 25 degrees celsius. Then we start with the grafting process by mixing in the spores with our hand. After that we grab a filter bag, put the mixture in and seal the bag. When you come home, make sure to put the bag in a dark and warm place (28 degrees celsius) and wait a couple of weeks until the straw is fully colonised by the mycelium. Instructions on how to proceed once you get home will be given at the workshop.

Information and cost

The workshop takes place at Mediamatic BANK on Wednesday evening October 3 from 19:00 to 21.30. Participation costs € 25 and you can use this page to buy a ticket. For questions, please contact Deborah Meibergen.