Biotoop Dijkspark

In the emerging field of Life-Sciences (the study of living organisms) and Bio-Design (working with living organisms) there is an expanding need for substantive collaboration.

Not only between the different (international) institutes and the designers, artists and scientists involved. But more importantly, the public.

At Biotoop Dijksgracht we connect makers with the public in order to build a growing creative habitat for experimentation, research, collaboration and shared knowledge.

A true Biotope, where we co-create a new cultural bio-art lab within the city of Amsterdam.


Mediamatic Dijkspark 6 Facade - Mediamatic Dijkspark 6 Facade 12mm Willem Velthoven

Biotoop Dijksgracht in an initiative of Mediamatic.

Contact information

  • Biotoop Dijkspark
  • Dijksgracht 6
  • 1019 BS
  • Amsterdam
  • NL
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