Workshop // How to make Kimchi

Making Kimchi by a traditional recipe

9 jan 2016

Did you know there are more then a hundred different kinds of Kimchi? June Park will reveil her grandmothers secret recipe and teach you how to make Kimchi the traditional way. You'll go home with your own batch of fermenting Chinese cabbage and ample knowledge to impress your hipster foody friends.

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A new workshop will be scheduled for February. Stay tuned!


June is making kimchi - June Park holding kimchi made with Chinese cabbage. 29 november 2015. Kimchi is een Koreaans gerecht met gefermenteerde groente, zoals kool en radijs, en smaakmakers zoals chilipepers, gember en lente-ui. Kimchi is diep geworteld in de Koreaanse cultuur en is veel meer dan gewoon een gerecht. Tijdens de terugkerende workshop in 2016 van June Park leer je traditionele Kimchi maken volgens het geheime recept van haar grootmoeder. 29 november 2015. Kimchi is een Koreaans gerecht met gefermenteerde… Liz Kunst

About Kimchi

Kimchi is a fermented Korean dish, using a variety of vegetables (such as cabbage or raddish) and seasoning (chillipepper, ginger, spring onion). Kimchi is deeply rooted in the Korean culture and is far more than just a dish. Now the popularity of Kimchi rising all over the world and the dish has been baptized 'hipster food'. Hipster or not is for you to decide.

June Park

There is so much we don't know about Kimchi. Did you know Koreans have a special Kimchi refrigerator in their house? June is currently doing an internship at Mediamatic and comes from Korea. She will give a workshop how to make her grandmothers traditional kimchi recipe. Afterwards you can go home with your own batch of Kimchi with Chinese Cabbage.


Workshop: How to make Kimchi
Saturday January 09, 14.00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam.
Tickets: €25,00

The workshop will take about 1,5 hour.