One step at a time

Tap dance performance

13 aug 2013

On this Tuesday Marije Nie gave a tap dance performance and presented documentary film "One Million Steps" by Eva Stoz in collaboration with Marije. This independent film started out as a dance documentary about the steps we take in life. However, after winding up in the streets and neighborhoods of Istanbul in April and June, the film took a welcomed turn. Later in the night a group of participants presented their proposal to redesign part of the Mediamatic Fabriek into an actual park that will act as the grounds for several other initiatives within the PARK project.


Duet on the Barricades - On Thursday Utku and Marije played a rousing duet on the barricades between Taksim Square and Gezi park . Police was just behind the flag, watching. Gezistans were right in front, clapping and singing. The energy was incredible.. Picture found on One Million Steps' website, a dance documentary project.


PARK is a project initiated by a group of people who felt an urge to contribute to the protests in Turkey. What can we do from Amsterdam, how can our voices be heard?

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Time: 19:00. Location: Mediamatic, VOC-kade 10, 1018 LG, Oostenburg Amsterdam. Free dinner for participants.

Summary of the meeting

Presentation by Marije Nie

Marije Nie gave a tap dance performance and showed us a teaser from the documentary film, "One Million Steps, a tap dancing adventure", by Eva Stotz in collaboration with Marije Nie. One Million Steps is a film about the millions of steps we take in our lives, closely linked to Istanbul and it's people, their fury, their humor and their music. Eva Stotz and Marije Nie started filming in Istanbul in April 2013, when all was still quiet. Then end of May the city changed it's beat and the spirit of the protests crashed right into the film, showing the hot fury that was bubbling under the surface all this time. One gripping scene from the dance documentary "One Million Steps" was of Turkish protestors in Istanbul running from riot officers. More pictures and info on the project's website and on Facebook. The film is still in the editing stage now, but after that it will be shown on different locations. Maybe Mediamatic is one of them? The group was very enthusiastic about it.

Project proposal by Cem, Marleen, Servet and Nick

This group did an interesting project proposal. They would like to provide a framework for Park and all the projects. Design the whole space into an actual park in which others can set up their projects. They also had ideas for their consulate project: among others making sleeping places and a library. They want to make it into a place where every project can find a spot, for a short or a longer time. The park should be dynamic and changing over time (like Gezi park). It is an open, transparent place to where everybody can join and contribute. People from outside can be invited for a single workshop or a longer project. This project includes more or less the same as what Mediamatic itself has been offering to the whole group: the space and it's facilities available for Gezi projects until January 2014. the main difference seems to be that Cem and others want to manage the process themselves without interference of Mediamatic. Willem has, in a short reaction, indicated that that should be possible, but that the team should take over some important responsibilities. Are they willing and able to do that?

There was some discussion about when to start and what the rules and regulations from Mediamatic are. Some important points:

  • No paint allowed on the walls or damaging of the space.
  • The aquaponics will stay in the space. Maybe it can be integrated in it, since there was also an aquaponics like system in Gezi park.
  • The empty space in front of the bar upstairs has to remain empty. It's used for presentations and events.
  • The space will be cleared out at the beginning of September. If people would like to use stuff that's in there right now, they have to contact people from the Freezing Favela.
  • People should be careful with making noise because of the neighbors.
  • The bar can be called differently (an idea of Gizem). People can also decide to sell different drinks, but then they also have to sell them themselves.

Project proposal by Baha Gorkem

His project is a simple memory game that playfully responds to the problem of identification of the aggressors. On the memory cards you can find faces of the anonymous oppressors. He had already made the cards and they were distributed in the group. Can you recognize the aggressors' faces?

Important: if you need a budget/equipment/large amount of space from Mediamatic, then it is necessary to submit a project proposal. Otherwise you can get started right away!