Japanese Knotweed Season 2024:

Gastronomical Summit

Rethinking Japanese Knotweed Through Food

31 mei 2024

Every spring, Mediamatic organises a festival around Japanese knotweed. Knotweed is a fast-growing plant known in Europe for being considered a exotic invasive. This year's season explores the positive properties of Japanese Knotweed, including its surprising edibility. Join us for the finale of the Japanese Knotweed Season 2024 and explore the gastronomical possibilities of this plant.

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Gastronomical Summit - Rethinking Japanese Knotweed Through Food 31 May 2024

Gastronomical Summit Program:

Celebrating the invasive 

This summit brings together a unique blend of chefs, researchers, designers, and artists to explore the multifaceted world of the Japanese Knotweed plant. Through thought-provoking discussions and culinary creations, the summit aims to delve deeper, transcending the plants reputation as a nuisance, placing it center stage to celebrate its potential. We’ll explore how our relationship with Knotweed can inform broader conversations about research, circularity in our food systems, and the evolving way we understand and define nature within urban environments.

Don't forget to join us for lunch! We'll be serving a delicious Japanese Knotweed Vegan dish specially created for this event.

Edible Ikebana with Uno Fujisawa

How can we find beauty in the everyday, even in something considered "invasive"? This workshop, led by artist and chef Uno Fujisawa, will answer that question by transforming invasive Japanese knotweed into stunning ikebana arrangements, followed by some simple yet creative cooking ideas to repurpose your "bouquet" after the workshop.


edible ikebana - by Uno Fujisawa Part of Neo Futurist Dinner: Knots, Weeds & Roots Uno Fujisawa

Knotweed Dolma with Jasper Riehm

In this unique and immersive workshop, we'll transform the invasive Japanese Knotweed into beautiful wearable art and a delicious culinary adventure! Following the guidance of Chef Jasper Reihm, you'll learn how to utilise the inner part of the Knotweed to create a delightful and surprising vegan dolma dish.


Jasper Riehm Doing Kitchen Preparation - Jasper Riehm

Knotweed Tempura and Stir-fry with Hiroki Yasuda

Join Japanese chef Hiroki Yasuda in a unique workshop and discover how to transform this plant into a culinary treasure - crispy, flavourful tempura. Discover the art of prepping Knotweed for tempura. We'll unveil techniques to remove bitterness and unlock its hidden potential for delightful bites. Explore creative variations to elevate your tempura. 


tempura1 -

Knot Your Average Juice with Sander Nederveen and Henriette Waal 

Tired of battling the Japanese Knotweed plant? Join us for a revolutionary workshop where artist Henriette Waal and brewer expert Sander Nederveen team up to explore a new weapon in the fight for your garden: the juicer! This unique event will explore the potential of using a juicer to not only eradicate Knotweed but also transform it into a surprising culinary and brewing ally. 


Knotweed juice - Cinamatic Shot - Willem Velthoven & Henriette Waal were testing out how knotweed juice would taste like. Vu Ha

Gastronomical Talk: Japanese Knotweed as a Sustainable Food Source

Join us for a thought-provoking culinary talk with innovative chef Jasper Riehm, artist and chef Aslı Hatipoğlu, and creative chef Uno Fujisawa as they delve into the world of the Japanese Knotweed. Often demonised as a relentless invader, the Knotweed plant holds a surprising potential waiting to be explored. They will unveil the fascinating science and history behind this misunderstood plant, and explore how our relationship with the Japanese Knotweed can ignite discussions about research, circularity in food systems, and our evolving understanding of nature within urban environments.


Picture of the crowd during the Living Tower Talk - Living Tower Talk #7 Vu Ha

Invasive Brewery: Knotweed Beer Tasting 

Join us for a unique presentation and tasting experience led by brew-expert Sander Nederveen. We all know brewers love a good challenge, and this session dives into the fascinating world of using Japanese Knotweed to create one-of-a-kind brews! Sander will share their knowledge and insights on incorporating Knotweed into the brewing process. You'll learn about the unique properties of Knotweed and how it can be used to create distinctive flavours and aromas in beer. Following the presentation, we'll be offering a special tasting featuring a Knotweed-infused beer. Think of it as an exploration of potential - a glimpse into what the future of brewing with Knotweed might hold!


Sander Nedereveen telling the story behind the vlierbier cuvée, blossom beer and elderflower syrup - Maxim Damper

Don't miss Living Tower Talk #8: Beyond Borders, following the Knotweed Gastronomical Summit!

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Arne looking at the progress of the pigeon tower -

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31st of May, 12:00 - 17:30

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Knotweed Gastronomical Summit Agenda: 

12:00 - 12:30 - Opening Gastronomical Talk

12:30 - 13:30 - First Workshop Round

13:30 - 14:00 - Join us for Lunch!

14:30 - 15:30 - Second Workshop Round

15:30 - 17:00 - Gastronomical Talk: Rethinking Japanese Knotweed Through Food

17:00 - 17:30 - Invasive Brewery: Knotweed Beer Tasting 

18:00 - 19:30 - Living Tower Talk #8: Beyond Borders


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The Japanese Knotweed Season is made possible with support from:

Mondriaan Fund, Creative Industries Fund NLAmsterdam Fund for the ArtsGemeente Amsterdam Oedipus Brewing