WDCD Amsterdam Live 2024 X Mediamatic

Crafting Tomorrow

Weaving Tradition Through Innovation

5 jul 2024

In today's rapidly changing world, technological progress often overshadows traditional knowledge, and global interconnectedness prevails. Historically, artisans relied on local resources, but industrialisation has weakened this connection, leading to a lack of awareness about how products are made and where they come from.

However, rediscovering traditional knowledge holds immense value. Reintegrating traditional techniques into modern industries can reduce our carbon footprint and support ecological resilience.

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WDCD Amsterdam Live 2024 - This year’s festival will take place at the beautiful Muziekgebouw and features an immersive programme of talks and workshops on design and climate justice. Join us at WDCD Live to explore how creative activism can be a powerful tool for disruption—and learn from changemakers who are paving the way.

In this workshop, we will explore how traditional crafts and local production chains rooted in Dutch heritage can be revitalised for a sustainable and just future. Expect to participate actively as we challenge you to reconsider what you think you know. With guidance from various designers and initiatives, we have designed three pathways to choose from — each representing knowledge, materials, and cultural tradition.
  • Nature: With Henriette Waal, Artistic Director of Atelier LUMA & Veenweide Atelier Fryslân, an expert in social design practices and sustainable materials.
  • Collaboration: With Willemijn Ippel, Co-founder of Crafts Council Nederland and The Linen Project, an advocate for local, sustainable textile production.
  • Knowledge Transfer: With Maureen de Jong and Melissa Korn, Founders of Culinary Roots, exploring the role of food in culture and identity with a focus on intercultural exchange, identity and heritage.
Through hands-on activities, you'll engage with these approaches, gaining insights into using natural materials, collaborating with nature, and integrating past knowledge for a sustainable future. Join us to challenge your perspectives and envision a regenerative economy.


  • Henriette Waal (Atelier Luma / Veenweide Atelier)
  • Willemien Ippel (Linen Project / Crafts Council)
  • Maureen de Jong (Transvaal Bacchanaal)
  • Melissa Korn (ikeetcultuur)

Purpose of the Workshop:

  • Revaluation of traditional techniques and their application in modern contexts.
  • Gain new perspectives on tackling complex problems.
  • Inspire participants to transform exploitative economies into regenerative economies.
  • Providing insight into the challenges and demands of working with natural materials to transform the industry.
  • Understanding the influence of colonial pasts and how to unlearn practices for sustainable local chains.


WDCD Live 2022 Presentation - Crowd during the Presentation of What Design Can Do Live Festival in 2022. Crowd taking notes and discussing the presentation during the What Design Can Do Festival in 2022. Photo Author: Enrique Meesters What Design Can Do

Information & Tickets

WDCD Live Amsterdam 2024 / Tickets

Time: 13:30-15:00

Please note that this event will be held in English.

For questions please e-mail workshop@mediamatic.nl.

Developed by: Barbara Vos
Facilitator: Marsha Simon (Dutch Design Foundation)