Caspar Menkman

Dev Camp Kick Off

Dev Camp Day 1

The official kick-off of the camp has taken place! After half an hour of deliberating which coffee to pick, and re-hydrating with some spa blue/red people started shaking hands. After a more official 17-second introduction round, and a short introduction to the IK-cams, we quickly moved to a more thorough exploration of the participants' interests and skills. In this round of short talks there were a couple of ideas that showed potential. I'll discuss those shortly.


Willem presenting the iTea - Robert Keil

Emotions and reactions to social relations are probably going to be a motive that will run through the entire program. Not very surprising that some participants want to use the sensors to see how people react to physical/social contact and measure stress/feeling/tension/arousal/excitement. I am guessing we can expect to see a few projects that are based on the output of people reacting to other people. Maybe even a project that measures the physical responses that people express when they come in contact with a project that measures the physical responses of people that react to .... some kind of all-compassing meta-project that measures the responses of everything and everyone.

In my first post I already gave a couple of examples that explore the possibilities that some sensors present us. Oliver Kreylos showed us how he managed to play with the new camera-controller of the Xbox 360 without using the console. There is a lot of room for exploring projects that are linked to the registration capacities that the Xbox Kinect brings us. 3d-mapping combined with other sensors could possibly bring us new music instruments, security tools (do we really want that?) or identity recognition objects.

In the present culture of registrative interactivity, control, surveillance and sometimes gestapo like persecution of people who fight for freedom of information, some of the artists were thinking of ways to avoid detection by media. There was talk of face-warping t-shirts, rfid-controlled disguises and sensor driven artifacts suited for concealing (meta)data.


Some exposure time for the blog. - Robert Keil

9 december we'll have the next Kom je Ook? at Mediamatic. The theme will center around playing outside with mobile media. Typically some of the participants of our camp were already brainstorming about new applications for the sensors that are used in mobile phones. Take for instance the Iphone with it's proximity, motion sensor/accelerometer, ambient light sensor and even the gyroscope that is built into the latest version. Together with the ability to retrieve data via gps this makes the Iphone a useful tool for inspiration or even a platform that we can experiment on. A good example of how to use the sensors in the Iphone for instance is shown in the video below. It is a music mixing and making tool made by Jason Forrest.

I can hear some Kraftwerk like synths in the background. Yes the camp has started.