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Hakan's presentation and more ideas

6 aug 2013

This week Hakan Yildrim gave a presentation about his two project proposals. Last week the group decided on naming the project PARK; a positive word and a public space where people can gather. Check all the proposals so far here.


"Sparks" - Haky talks about making intellectual "sparks" occur in the community to arouse questions amongst the public. His examples include the well known speech by Charlie Chaplin in The Dictator, and V for Vendetta. Marcela Szwarc


More information

Time: 19:00. Location: Mediamatic, VOC-kade 10, 1018 LG, Oostenburg Amsterdam. Free dinner for participants.

Summary of the meeting

Hakan Yildrim (also known as Haky) gave a presentation about his two project proposals. The first is called 'Gezi sparks'. His plan is to make a short video clip that activates people to question the information that's given to them by media, education, direct environment, etc. A concrete image he had for the video: showing people with gas masks which they take off at the end of the clip so you can see that it's all individuals behind the Gezi protests. His second project proposal is called 'The Gezi movement's future victories'. It's clear now what people think is the negative side of Turkey, but how would you want it otherwise? What do you want to achieve? People can write this down in a few sentences. Hakan would want this to happen online and offline, but he didn't figure out a format yet. Sharon came with the idea of putting these 'dreams' in a sack. A person who wants to write something will only be confronted with one random dream from the sack, so that it is not too overwhelming.

Willem made clear that it is necessary to find a format for Hakan's project, because people won't start writing nicely edited texts from themselves. Froukje added that Hakan should make clear what's in it for the people who contribute to it. Deniz (not the Deniz who organizes the Çapulcu) added that it might be an idea to video interview people about their goals next to letting people write them down.

Two other ideas were proposed: doing something with worker's rights in Turkey (Baris Bilgic) and producing a fake edition of a Turkish daily newspaper (which is hard to achieve). Please add a project proposal for this if you want to continue developing these ideas. You can do that here. Deniz wants to start making a documentary, starting next Thursday with interviewing people from Park. She'll get in touch with people from Mediamatic to get material.

Things that need to be done:

  • Project proposers: add a Turkish version of your project proposals so that certain people from the forum who would like to participate can also understand it.
  • Project proposers: make your project proposal more concrete. What are you going to do and why and what/who do you need?
  • Project proposers: when you are still looking for specific people for your project, you can also ask Cem Demirci, he has a big network.
  • All participants: if you don't have a profile on the Mediamatic website yet, please make one, it makes it easier to link people to ideas and projects. If you already have a profile, make sure it's up to date: add a clear photo and write something about yourself.
  • All participants: if you think someone is missing on the mailing list, let us know.

Next Tuesday is the last Çapulcu Tuesday before the project proposal deadline.