Opening Kiki on Steroids

In the presence of the artists and with Lupe Special

17 Oct 2008
17 Oct 2008

Friday October 17 Mediamatic celebrated the opening of the new exhibition Kiki on Steroids!, about transgender and selfrepresentation on the internet. With over 350 visitors it was a big success. Photographs by Kael T Block and 'Lupe' by Bogomir Doringer.


Kiki on Steroids! exhibition Opening at Mediamatic. - 17 oktober. De Kiki! On Steroids openingsavond in aanwezigheid van alle kunstenaars en met een concert van DJ Lupe. Er waren oude bekenden, maar ook veel nieuwe gezichten. Bezoekers werden door de make-up artists van House of Orange van man naar vrouw en andersom getransformeerd. Daria Perevezentsev

With a Lupe Special from 20:00 - 22:00

During this night make-up artists transformed the visitors into someone of the opposite sex.

Inside the labyrinth that dominated the exhibition space Kael T Block's xxboys, an intimate photoseries about transboys, was presented. The new work Lupe by Bogomir Doringer was also on show. And Women with Beards by Ine Poppe and Jetty Verhoeff from 1997 could be seen again. Youtube videos taught you how to change from a woman into a man and vice versa.

Kiki on Steroids! ran from 18 October 2008 until 4 January 2009.