Cherry Pear Marathon

Redesigning broken chairs

10 Aug 2013

Do you still sit on your broken chair? You could have brought it to Mediamatic before the 10th to give it a second chance. A group of twelve Latin American designers gave broken chairs a new identity in a design marathon. Between 11 and 17 you could see how seemingly worthless furniture changed into new, freshly designed products. The Cherry Pear project was part of the Trash Lab.


The artists at work - The designers began by taking apart their projects, and then later reassembling them. Marcela Szwarc


More information

All you needed to visit the Cherry Pear Marathon was a Club Mediamatic membership (€5 for 4 weeks). Location: VOC-kade 10, 1018 LG Oostenburg Amsterdam. The Trash Lab was part of the Freezing Favela, a temporary city in and around Mediamatic Fabriek.