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Sharing videos for PARK

27 Aug 2013

This Çapulcu Tuesday we had presentations: Esra Sakir talked about making a documentary about Park. Sophie van der Burg showed the Park participants the promo video she made for PARK. Last but not least, Arne Hendriks offered his pigeon fertilizing tower to the park space.


Arne Hendriks at Çapulcu Tuesday #8 - Arne gave a presentation about his project in the Freezing Favela: pigeon fertilizing tower


PARK is a project initiated by a group of people who felt an urge to contribute to the protests in Turkey. What can we do from Amsterdam, how can our voices be heard?

Summary of the Meeting

The meeting started with a presentation from Arne. He has made the Pigeon Fertilizer Tower in the Freezing Favela, but now the Favela exhibition is ending, the Pigeon Tower could also get a place in the new PARK project. So therefor Arne introduced his project.

Next up was Esra. She is a film and documentary maker and she likes to make a documentary about the PARK project. She will be interviewing people who want to collaborate with Esra for the documentary.

Finally Sophie showed her promotional teaser for the PARK project. It is not a finished version yet. There are still things that need to or can be changed, like the language, the subtitles, the duration of the teaser and the dynamics of the interviews.

More information

Time: 19:00. Location: Mediamatic, VOC-kade 10, 1018 LG, Oostenburg Amsterdam. Free dinner for participants.