Presentation: Thorwald Voss, Suzanne Bernhardt


Neo Futurist Dinner 07 - with Suzanne Bernhardt and Thorwald Voss

21 Nov 2018
24 Nov 2018

This upcoming Neo Futurist Dinner focuses on the desire to connect with the ground beneath our feet. With each course, artist Suzanne Bernhardt and chef Thorwald Voss dive deeper into the earth, introducing unique tastes layer after layer. 

"We live with the safe illusion that the earth is a solid mass under our feet. However in reality it is a shell that constantly shifts and contracts in response to forces of tremendous heat and pressure."

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Feeding Sophie from edible garden with the mouth-to-mouth spoon - Course 2 - Common Ground Tia Török





1. gebied, grond ground, soil, territory


1. pressure, urgency, impulse

2. onderkant bottom


2. impuls, instinct, urge, drive

Suzanne Bernhardt works with clay, performs rockstudies and hosts ceramic ceremonies that research the relationship between body and land. In Bodemdrang* we take you on a journey along a variety of ‘Foodscapes’. These Foodscapes become the ground from which we peer into an unknown land of collective imagination, to discover new possibilities of living and working together in close collaboration with the ground under our feet.

In this night of scenic food-motion we take a dip into a local creek, sneak into a luscious garden, witness a volcanic eruption and take the rocky road back to a familiar urban landscape.

Pay Attention!

There will be no ordinary cutlery on this trip! Suzanne Bernhardt has made special tools to accompany us along the way. Be ready to discover new ways of connecting to food, each other and the environment! As a souvenir of our trip together, every quest brings back home a piece, especially made by the artist, to remind ourselves of the constant motion that lies in the essence of all things around us. No solid ground is the cure to all obstacles we cross on our daily paths of live. 

Six course dinner

Let these six courses bring you down to earth: 

  • Holy Sloot: a warm welcome in the shape of a clear broth, inspired by the lowlands of our country!
  • Common Ground: dig into a luscious edible garden with your unique -mouth to mouth- spoons (dig in, digging)
  • Down to Earth: witness a volcanic eruption with flying stones, burning fires and lava is melting on your tongue
  • The Stone Mind: Groundbreaking vegetables baked in clay and salt crust served with black ink and calligraphy brushes
  • Clay Dreams: Rocks filled with sweet mud
  • Urban escape: merengue gum litter, fruit plastics and trashed cardboard filo

Neo Futurist Dinners

In the series of Neo-Futurist Dinners, Mediamatic invites different artists to present their vision for the food of the future. Previously, this resulted in an algorithmic chef, or a multi-sensory 5-course dinner corresponding to the five Chinese Elements. In this way, we question the way in which food, art, science and politics intertwine.


All Neo-Futurist Dinners are vegan. If you have questions or want to inform us about allergies, send an e-mail to


Neo-Futurist Dinner: Bodemdrang
21-24 November
Dinner starts at 19:30
Mediamatic, Dijksgracht 6, 1019 BS Amsterdam
Six course menu: Presale €49,- | Students €29,- (excl. 1.10 administration costs) 
Surcharge for alcoholic beverage pairing: € 15,-


We would like to thank the following people for making this dinner happen:
James Dickinson – Graphic Design
Nani Naidenova – Prodution
June Yu – Production