Blue Da Ba Dee Da

Night Garden: 12

30 Mar 2019

Blue alien people fighting for environmental justice. Never feel blue again after Night Garden 12.

I see you Brother, and thank you. Your spirit goes with Eywa. Your body stays behind to become part of The People.

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Avatar (2009) movie still -

Avatar (2009)

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Avatar is the biggest film of all time for a reason: it is a visually spectacular with amazing technical prowess’s that impressed many audiences. Avatar is storytelling and filmmaking on a massive scale that you cannot help but marvel at.

Primitive but highly advanced beings, the Na’vi, live on the alien world of Pandora. The planet’s atmosphere is poisonous so to allow free movement, human/Na’vi hybrids called Avatars link to human minds. Paralysed marine Jake Sully regains his mobility through becoming an Avatar and ends up falling in love with a Na’vi woman. As his bond with the Na’vi world grows, Jake is drawn into the battle for the survival of Pandora.