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Open Costume Lab

Dress up as the amazing species of our ecosystem

17 Oct 2021
22 Oct 2021

A costume made from a mushroom? A mask with the scent of lilac, or face paints as a water bear?

At Dutch Design Week we will host an open costume lab where we invite fashion designers, artists and you too, to make costumes of amazing species from our ecosystem. For a whole week there will be room for experiment and design research to mimic various species in fabric and other materials. 


Sewing costumes in the Open Costume Lab - Inhuman Carnaval at Dutch Design Week 2021 Photo taken by Caroline Randrup at Natlab during Inhuman Carnaval at Dutch Design Week 2021

Your design in the DIY-guide 

Our ultimate goal is to "hack" the real carnival 2022 with as many biodiversity costumes as possible. We want to activate a big group of people to dress up as an 'inhuman species' during the festivities, and help to raise awareness for biodiversity of our planet. 

To give this project a good kickstart, and to inspire more people we will create a DIY-guide to inhuman carnaval. The craziest, most beautiful, original, outstanding and inspiring costumes and techniques that will be created in the lab, will be published in the guide. Maybe your design will make it to the guide too!


Inhuman Carnival at Dutch Design Week
October 17th through 22nd, 2021
Open Costume Lab
Natlab, Eindhoven
Free entrance

For questions, please send an email to