Masterclass Workshop

Bugs & Buds Bootcamp

Costume Design and Movement with Conny Groenewegen and Csilla Lakatos

21 Oct 2021

A day-long immersion workshop that combines fashion design and movement. Can we make a costume from the perspective of feeling and movement?

Tickets €5,-


Fashion Machine project (1) - Workshop with Conny Groenewegen, 2017 Courtesy by Mediamatic

What you will do 

Maybe a costume doesn't have to look like a different species, but it does make you feel like a different species. This may be because it manipulates or limits the movement you can do while wearing the costume. The workshop is primarily about empathy, but is strongly focused on experience, context and senses. 
This journey is not only about creating a costume of a plant, animal, fungus, or bacteria; it is about getting in touch with our flora & fauna, trying to think and imagine the perspective of the plant or insect, finding a connection with a chosen organism and establishing a relationship with it by working through various perspectives, patterns, and directions. In short, you will be guided through a personalised lifecycle with your chosen organism. 
The going will be tough! Be ready to fully embrace the life cycle of each creature and become one yourself, both inside and out!

Fashion Machine project (2) - Workshop with Conny Groenewegen, 2017 Courtesy by Mediamatic


Conny Groenewegen

After completing a study in fashion and visual art, Conny Groenewegen started making drawings. Her research traces back to the origins of methods: revealing and re-establishing the sparkle of manufacturing before the fashionable took its toll. She sheds a new light on production, whilst searching for what is essential and appropriate for organizations and brands. She does so by taking away barriers, preparing reinvigorated procedures for the next step, ready to interact with the world.


Tickets are €.5.


Inhuman Carnaval at Dutch Design Week
Bugs & Buds Bootcamp
21st of October 2021, 11:00-20:00
Natlab, Eindhoven

Please note that, this workshop will be held in English.
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