Presentation: Irma Joanne

Female Textures

Beftival Museumnacht 2021

6 Nov 2021

Irma Joanne is an interdisciplinary artist, with a background in fine arts, scenography and bodywork. Her work occurs where she touches, sees, and feels the bare skin. Female skin, to be precise. An intimate connection. For years, she has documented her development of a young girl into a fertile woman through images. A transformative process, where she learned to ‘let go’ of any stigmas that had, literally,  ‘tightened’ her body for so long. Only to reveal this sensual, powerful body that remains. In her work, we see this revealed in fleshy textures and liquid movements. For Beftival she combines a series of intimate video projections from her work over the last years. 


Female Textures by Irma Joanne - Female Textures , a series of intimate video projections of fleshy textures and liquid movements from the work of Irma Joanne projected on Mediamatic's little greenhouses. The work is part of   Beftival during Museumnacht 2021.   Caroline Aravicius, Irma Joanne

This event is part of Beftival during Museumnacht Amsterdam.