Opening: All Senses Operative

BlindRom v0.9 x Chill Cave

10 Dec 2022

Have a drink with us at the opening of our new exhibition 'All Senses Operative' on the 10th of december from 5pm at Mediamatic. 'All Senses Operative' presents the first and pioneering example of CD-ROM art: BlindRom v0.9 - The Prototype.



Chill Cave - Gerald van der Kaap -

Designed and produced by Gerald van Der Kaap in 1993, BlindRom was created as a prototype of the first interactive multimedia magazine/artwork where text, image, video, music, computer animation construct a unique, anarchic and multilayered world. Now, after almost 30 years of technological progress, BlindRom comes alive again and invites us to immerse ourselves into a kaleidoscopic maze full of blind paths.

Chill Cave/Total Hoverty
Besides BlindRom, this exhibition also features the iconic Chill Cave (1992) by Gerald van der Kaap, an interactive installation in which the senses come together in a personal and hyper individual multimedia experience. Lying on a comfortable bed of the Chill Terminal, designed by Peter Giele, you get to see a panorama of relaxing moving images that let you escape from reality. Under the watchful eye of a hostess (m/f/+) you slide into a trip without drugs. An intimate and unique feeling of Total Hoverty.

During the opening the Chill Cave can be visited until 19:30. After that, you can experience the Chill Cave from Tuesday to Sunday between 15.00 and 18.00.

All Senses Operative – BlindRom x Chill Cave
11th December 2022 - 26th February 2023
Tuesday - Sunday

The Chill Cave
Tuesday - Sunday