Kvas-making and Story-telling

with Dasha Tsapenko

18 Feb 2023

Kvas, a traditional and widely enjoyed and sweet fermented drink from northeastern Europe, brings about stories of socialism, Gods and nostalgia from Ukrainian artist Dasha Tsapenko. Come join us in a Kvas-making workshop to meet the artist of our current exhibition “Growing Gunya”, listen to her stories and have nice conversations.



Kvas made by Dasha Tsapenko -

What you will do

We will begin the workshop with a little tasting of Dasha’s homemade Kvas.
Step by step, we will go through the preparation to ferment old bread to make Kvas.
While we make, Artist Dasha and our clean lab coordinator Emma Milet will share mythical, personal and historical stories surrounding the traditional drink. You will leave with your own homemade Kvas starter to be enjoyed in a couple of days and many stories about this simple and delicious drink.

What to bring

50g of your own leftover rye/dark bread
A container* to bring your starter home
*The container must be glass or plastic with wide openings such as jars. We recommend a minimum of 1000 ml for size.

Dasha Tsapenko

Dasha Tsapenko is a bio-designer, who works with elements of art, fashion and material research. She investigates alternative production processes in (textile) design and is inspired by symbiotic relationships in nature. Her work is currently exhibited at Mediamatic in the group exhibition “Growing Gunya”. Dasha collaborates with various non-human species like fungi and (edible) plants. These collaborations result in grown garments, tapestries and textile pieces. Dasha does research on mycelium at the University of Utrecht and coaches at Design Academy Eindhoven. Her works were shown among others at Floriade (Almere, 2022), Castellum Hoge Woerd (Utrecht, 2022), MU Hybrid Art House (Eindhoven, 2020) Radialsystem (Berlin, 2019), Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin, 2019), Dutch Design Week (Eindhoven, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022).


Full price €30  | Discount price €25


Saturday, 18th of February, 15:00-17:00

Attendance is limited to 10 people. Please note that this workshop will be held in English. For questions please, e-mail Read our ticket terms and conditions here.