Nesie Wang

Neurodiversity in Art Education

A/artist Roundtable

27 Mar 2023

For the next roundtable, we will discuss how we can make art institutions more accessible to neurodivergent students. Musician, educator and autism advocate Gerard van Wolferen will share his experiences of working with neurodivergent students at education institutions. We would also like to further discuss how Mediamatic could create a public symposium on art education and neurodiversity.


Gerard van Wolferen giving a presentation - at A/artist public meeting on art education and autism/ADD at Mediamatic

Gerard van Wolferen (b. 1955) studied Composition with Theo Loevendie at the Rotterdam Conservatory and Musicology at the University van Amsterdam where he specialized in both Theoretical Musicology and Ethnomusicology.

He has a special interest in musical structure and perception; music and education; music and anthropology. From 1992 to 2022, Gerard was a senior lecturer at HKU Music and Technology in history of music, composition, musical theory, ethnomusicology and research, and was previously a music teacher in secondary schools.

Gerard is now Chair of Vereniging Autisme Ambassadeurs, as well as Chair of Stichting Muziek en Visueel Gehandicapten. He is active in advising companies and institutions about autism inclusivity, alongside teachers and study counsellors at academic institutions.

*Note: This event is by invitation only. If you are interested, feel free to email us at We're looking forward to meeting you over a great presentation, a meal and an interesting discussion round.