Remaking Knotweed

Workshop with Virgile Durando

29 Apr 2023

Come by the Japanese Knotweed Workshop to learn hands-on the techniques and tools to work with Japanese Knotweed by creating your marquetry box with Japanese Knotweed. You will be guided by Virgile Durando, artist in residence, who has been exploring the possibilities of Japanese knotweed as a material for weaving, building and more.



Remaking Knotweed - Virgile Durando Workshop - Justin Knelange

Japanese knotweed stems are sturdy yet flexible, and hold potential for a variety of usages. Join Virgile to learn the tricks and techniques he has developed through his extensive hands-on research with Japanese Knotweed and become a Japanese knotweed crafts-person yourself.

Virgile Durando

Virgile Durando is a product/material designer and researcher from France. He is our current artist in residency, presently working on collecting and developing knowledge regarding the re-interpretation of invasive species. At Mediamatic he focuses on the Japanese knotweed. In his practice he aims to understand this plant, subsequently assembling a list of tools and techniques to turn this contested species into a malleable, fascinating and multi-purposeful material. 


Tickets | €8


Time and Dates:

14th April 14:00-15:30
15th April 14:00-15:30
22nd April 14:00-15:30
23rd April 14:00-15:30
29th April 14:00-15:30
30th April 14:00-15:30

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