Japanese Knotweed Handbook

by Virgile Durando

14 Apr 2023
30 Apr 2023

Designer Virgile Durando's Handbook is a comprehensive and visual instruction manual for all makers interested in learning crafting techniques and the processing of Japanese Knotweed as a material.


Mockup of the Handbook made by Virgile Durando - artist in residence at Mediamatic - Book to be sold during the Japanese Knotweed Festival Virgile Durando

Japanese Knotweed Handbook

Japanese knotweed stems are sturdy yet flexible, and hold potential for a variety of uses. Although similar, their properties are different from wood or bamboo. The Japanese Knotweed Handbook is a book of the tools, techniques and information needed to start making with Japanese Knotweed which may just become your next favourite material.

The book is available for €9,50.
We will reserve a book for you for pick-up at Mediamatic, we do not currently deliver the books.

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Virgile Durando

Virgile Durando is a product/material designer and researcher from France. He is our current artist in residency, presently working on how to develop products and a company from waste material of the eradication of invasive species. For his graduation to the Design Academy in Eindhoven he focused on Japanese Knotweed, at Mediamatic he continues this research. In his practice he aims to understand this plant, subsequently assembling a list of tools and techniques to turn this contested species into a malleable, fascinating and multi-purposeful material. 


Remaking Japanese Knotweed
14 April - 30 April
Tuesday - Sunday
12:00 - 18:00
Free Entry

Virgile is working in the exhibition from Friday to Sunday between 14:00 and 18:00. 
To learn from Virgile, join the "Remaking Knotweed" workshop.

By Emma Van Mol