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Dijkspark - Openings Weekend. Day 3

13 Sep 2015

Fungal growth, acidification, decay.. it sounds dirty, but it's these processes that make your beer and cheese taste so delicious. Mediamatic is not afraid of a few little bacteria and brings you an homage to fermentation with Zuur. Make your own pickles during the Radijzen-Fest, learn the best fermentation tricks in the Zuur Salon and sit down at one of the food stands on our market. Taste and learn from the masters.

Zuur is part of the Dijkspark - Opening Festival. Three days of Pickling, Fish, Design, Eat, Bacteria, Piss, Flower at Mediamatic.
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Fermented Natto - Do you know how to make the strong, smelly and sticky #Nattō? This traditional Japanese dish is made from soybeans fermented with Bacillus subtilis. An extremophile type of bacterium also known as hay bacillus or grass bacillus.


12:00 Zuur

Fermented Food Market

14:00 Tours

Through Dijkspark, by Pis & Water and Mycelium & Bier

17:00 Zuur Salon

The Fermented Talkshow focused on makers. Hosted by Leslie Dronkers.

All Day

Art by Zeger Reyers, Kamiel Rongen, Teun Castelein, Jasmin Moeller and Masha Ru



Fermented Food Market - Fermented food market Eens in de zoveel tijd organiseren we een foodmarket met de focus op gefermenteerd eten. Ontdek de enorme hoeveelheid aan soorten gefermenteerde gerechten en ingrediënten.

During the fermentation process ingredients are converted or broken down by tiny micro-organisms. These bacteria, fungi and yeasts alter the product's taste, smell and look. Or, for instance, make them easier to digest or extend their expiration date. At the Zuur market you will find the most fanatical fermenters in town. Some even bring their favourite organisms!

Participants are: Lepelboom, Meneer van Beuningen, Thull's, Mama Bakery, Brouwerij de Bierkraai, Myco Brewery, Kefir Workshop, Bar Dronkers, Karel Goudsblom, Butchers Teers and Copperhead Gin, The Beef Chief, Adam's Bissap Wijn and Friet&Mer. Plus many more.


Mama bakery is selling freshly baked bread at the zuurmarkt - Fermented food market Mama Bakery

With: Mama Bakery

De Zuur Salon

Where can the best wild yeasts be found and which bacteria are you beter off avoiding? Listen to the secrets of the masters at De Zuur Salon, the fermented talkshow that focuses on makers and their processes. The salon will be hosted by zuurcurator Leslie Dronkers.


De zuursalon, a talkshow about fermentation - Leslie Dronkers is talking about fermentation. Lepelboom


Pounds of fruit and vegetables are discarded daily, for being the wrong shape or size. That's why CornelissenFreshFood, Lepelboom and Mediamatic join forces to fight the waste together. In the Radijzen-Fest we invite you help us preserve kilos of discarded radishes. You will leave with your own can of delicious pickles. Check out the recipe.


Wonderful ugly radishes donated by Cornelissen fresh food - Fermented food market Mama Bakery


Preparing radishes to be pickled - Fermented food market Mama Bakery

Tours, Pis, Hard Water and Refugees

The new art installations by Kamiel Rongen, Zeger Reyers and Teun Castelein can be viewed all day long. You can also join one of the Dijkspark or Aquaponics tours, learn more about piss, beer and mycelium or have a seat at the Mediamatic terrace.

Sunday 13 September, 12:00 - 18:30
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam.
Free entry.
See here for directions

Dijkspark - Openings Weekend

This event is part of the Dijkspark - Openings Weekend. Three days of Schimmel Sex Water Art Ei Zaaien Lab. Go here for up to date info on the program of
Friday 11, Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 September.


De vrouw met de baard is baking burgers! - Fermented food market Mama Bakery