Perfume Niklaus Mettler 20 Aug 2018

Filtered Beans

The Scent of Fancy Condos

The qualities of cafés can tell us about the make-up of a community, a neighborhood’s ethnic composition and about the urban development of a city. Niklaus Mettler extracted the flavors of three different coffee blends he found around Amsterdam: Douwe Egberts, Turkish coffee, and a 3rd wave single origin coffee from Ethiopia. These flavors create a sort of taste and gentrification map of upmarket transition.


Filtered Beans Het Parfum tokens -

Het Parfum

The perfume Filtered Beans is developed by Niklaus Mettler for Mediamatic’s sensuous game around city planning; Het Parfum. This interactive, social game explores the future of a much-debated area in Amsterdam’s city centre: the Navy Terrain. Thus with five different perfumers, five tailor-made fragrances give expression to various prospective visions of the city; one of which being fancy condos. Niklaus Mettler interprets this vision through the richness of coffee.

Why Fancy Condos?

The overall mission of the Navy Terrain is to transform it from being an off-limits military terrain, to an accessible public place of research, recreation, and housing. Innovation and sustainability are important factors for this transformation. Thus, housing would be built with sustainable-technology and possibly high-end to flourish the complex economically, culturally, and socially.

About Niklaus Mettler

Niklaus Mettler is the creator of an Amsterdam-based independent perfume line In'n'Out Fragrances. He works by collaborating with artists and perfumers from different fields. This had allowed him to design products that have ranged from fragrances to clothing to performances. He aims to experiment with perfumery through different contexts as a perfumer and a performer. 

Het Parfum is a collaboration between Mediamatic, The Institute for Art and OlfactionPlay the City, and the five perfumers: Spyros Drosopoulos, Maki Ueda, Ricardo Moya, Niklaus Mettler, and Alessandro Gualtieri. Het Parfum is part of Uitmarkt 2018 that is held around the Oosterdok area which involves the Navy Terrain.

Open-source perfume formula for Filtered Beans

The formula for this perfume is open to all for you to recreate and build upon.


Filtered Beans perfume ingredients -

Douwe Egberts, Aroma Rood


Turkish Coffee (Kürk Kahvesi – Süper Kalite, infused with Cardamom and Mastic EO)


3rd Wave Coffe (Single Origin Kochere, Gedeo, Ethiopia)




Perfumer's notes:
Coffee tinctures made of: 1:3 ground coffee, 1:3 dypropileneclycol (dpg), 1:3 Alcohol, with 10 days maceration time.


Filtered Beans perfume batch - Niklaus Mettler


Filtered Beans Perfume Bottle - Vial for Filtered Beans; a perfume by Niklaus Mettler Emma van Wolferen, Pochpac

The Perfumes of the Navy Terrain

Splash! by Spyros Drosopoulos
Dew of Afghanistan by Maki Ueda
Love & Tonic by Ricardo Moya
Filtered Beans by Niklaus Mettler
White Military Marina by Alessandro Gualtieri